Est. 1991

About Montana Woodworks

Our Company

Legal Name: Montana Woodworks® Inc.
Business Structure: Corporation
Founded: 1991
Incorporated Since: 2006
Current President: Duane Hostetler
Employees: 30
Office Hours of Operation:  8:00am - 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time
Phone Number: (406) 889-3728
Fax Number: (406) 889-3811
Email Address:
Address: Montana Woodworks®
76 Whitetail Drive
Rexford, MT 59930


A Brief History

Montana Woodworks® was founded in 1991 by Richard Harding. In 1996 Mr. Harding sold the business to Jr. Troyer. In 1998 the business was acquired by Delmar Schrock. Then in 2002 Mr. Schrock sold the company to Noah Hostetler and Duane Hostetler. This Father-Son team formed a partnership and the business became Montana Woodworks® LLP. During this period, Montana Woodworks® enjoyed massive growth. The brick and mortar business was expanded, new buyers were contracted, and an online presence was formed. Finally in 2006 the company was incorporated and became Montana Woodworks® Inc., and Duane Hostetler became the president of the company. Montana Woodworks® is currently a family business employing all members of the immediate working family.

Environmental responsibility is more than just a phrase at Montana Woodworks®. We are truly dedicated to ensuring the sustainability of nature's finest treasures for future generations to use and enjoy.


Why Pick Montana Woodworks®?

Montana Woodworks® is the single largest and most trusted manufacturer of handcrafted rustic furnishings in the nation. We manufacture all of our log furniture items in our own factory here in Northwestern Montana. This ensures a very reliable supply chain. To ensure the prompt delivery of your order, we drop ship directly from our factory here in Montana. We make a large variety of furniture and decor items and are constantly designing new items or improving existing ones.
Our commitment to customer service is evident throughout the entire order process;
Ordering: Our website is constantly being updated and improved in an effort to provide the highest possible service and ease of use. Our seamless order process is done through a secure third party shopping cart by Lexiconn in order to securely and reliably safeguard your information.

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Shipping: The shipping method we use is tailored to your specific order. For example; we may use UPS to ship small items and we may use one of several freight trucking agencies to ship your larger orders. To ensure prompt and reliable shipping of your order, we have agreements with several shipping providers ranging from small single-item shipments to large container shipments. This ensures the greatest reliability in our shipping process. Pricing shown includes shipping to the Continental 48 states.

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Driving Directions

Driving Directions from Eureka Montana to our Establishment in Rexford Montana

  1. Take Highway 93 north approximately 1.6 miles to Highway 37.
  2. Turn left on Highway 37 and follow south for approximately 13 miles until you come to the Koocanusa bridge.
  3. Turn right onto the Koocanusa Bridge.
  4. As soon as you cross the bridge turn right onto Road 474. Keep on this asphalted road for approximately 6.25 miles then turn right onto the West Kootenai Road.
  5. The West Kootenai Road is also asphalted and there will be road signs. Stay on this road for approx. 7.1 miles then turn left onto Whitetail Drive. There will be a small schoolhouse and playground to your left and also a sign pointing to Montana Woodworks just before you turn onto Whitetail Drive.
  6. Whitetail Drive is a gravel road and Montana Woodworks will be to your right after about 200 feet, you can't miss it.

Be sure to take your camera along as you may see moose, deer, or other wildlife along this scenic drive through Kootenai National Forest and alongside Lake Koocanusa.